How to resize, crop and add effects to wallpapers on ImagezFinder

How to resize, crop and add effects to wallpapers on ImagezFinder

Hello Dear Visitors, 

Here i'm going to show you how to Re-size, Crop and Add Effects to any wallpaper on ImagezFinder before downloading it to your PC.

Most Wallpapers size on ImagezFinder are 1366x768 so what if this is not your screen resolution then you might need to adjust it to  fit perfectly to your desktop, however if your screen's aspect ratio is not Widescreen 16:9 then might need to crop the wallpaper first before re-sizing it.

In this Tutorial i'm going to use Amazing Motocross Bike Stunt Wallpaper as an example to work on.
the very first thing to do is to hit the edit button on the page.

So Let's start with Cropping:

To Start hit Adjustment

Then Crop

First of all select the aspect ratio you are seeking 

here i'm going to select the Standard 4:3 aspect ratio

If everything is okay proceed to the next step, here in our case the crop wont be correct but no worries move the crop area with your mouse while pressing the left mouse button till you see it correctly 

Okay now everything is just fine now hit the apply button and that's it.

Now we'll move to the Re-sizing:

This time we'll use the Resize button

available options are 

Width, Height and Keep Proportion which we advise to keep it on

this step is to easy just enter the width of your screen to the width box

for now i'm going to use 1440 you'll see that the height is updated automatically to 1080 as Keep Proportion is on

Then hit apply and you're done, now press the save button to download it to your computer.

you'll see small box with the wallpaper name and the quality you would like to download it with make sure that it's set to 100% as in the following screen.

Then press save, you'll be asked where to save the image on your computer select your desktop or any other place that you want to save it to and hit save.

Now what if you want to go further and add some retouches to the wallpaper

Add Effects:

Pixlr's Express Editor has lots of ready to add effects this include

- Color Manipulation.
- Overlay Effects.
- Adding Border.
- Adding Stickers.
- Adding other images from your computer.
- And last but not least is Writing Text.

Hope you enjoy using our site, and if you need more further help don't hesitate to contact us.
Have a nice day!