Facebook Covers Website Launch

Facebook Covers Website Launch

Hello everyone we are glad to announce the launch of covers.imagezfinder.com for Facebook Timeline Covers

Key Features

- All Covers are customized to fit perfectly to your timeline.
- One Click Download.
- Ability to preview the cover with your name and profile picture:

To use this feature you need to connect your Facebook account just use the login button at the top menu

a popup window will appear asking for your permission

after pressing okay another window will ask you for further permissions 

after pressing okay you should be connected the popup window will close just refresh the website and you should see your profile pic and your first name instead of the Login button 

Now open any cover to preview it and you should see your Full Name and profile picture instead if the default profile image.

- Ability to edit any cover to suite your needs using Pixlr's API you'll be able to add stunning effects, write text and even uploading some personal photos to any cover just hit the Edit button do whatever you like and once you're done hit save to save the cover to your computer.
If you added some cool effects to any of our covers and you would like to share it send it to us on our Facebook page and we'll share it with your name.

and more ...
hope you like it :)